Vegan Non-Perishable Foods to Survive Quarantine

The best vegan non-perishable foods & recipes


Oh 2020, you’ve really had us on our toes thus far. Throwing a pandemic our way, sending the world into a spiraling panic. With panic comes preparation for the worst. Followed by supplies shortages, mainly paper goods and non-perishable foods. Though I hope and believe this will all blow over, I myself have stocked up on some vegan non-perishable foods to survive quarantine that I believe are essential to have on deck in a time of crisis. I’ve come to realize that many of these items are newly out of stock in-stores due to panic. Luckily for you, is still actively delivering food and I will be linking each item straight their site.

Now, I wont just be rattling off 30+ canned foods. This isn’t a hurricane preparation list where food access is near impossible. During quarantine, supermarkets are still open…you just want to limit your trips as much as possible. That being said, I’ll be sharing 9 of my favorite vegan non-perishable foods followed by a few of Nomadik Healths recipes, which apply these non-perishable items. Aka: I’m gonna hook you up with ways to make these vegan non-perishable foods into a satisfying wholesome meal.

Non-Perishable foods every vegan should have on deck

Canned Coconut Milk

When eating vegan you should always have this item in the house. Canned Coconut Milk can be used in sauces, mashed potatoes, soups, drinks, the list goes on. Not to mention it’s loaded with the essential healthy fats your body needs with a shelf life of up to 2-5years! Do yourself a favor and stock up on coconut milk.

Tomato Paste

Another essential non-perishable you should always have in the house. Tomato Paste is perfect for sauces, soups, and chilis. Sometimes i’ll be cooking a random “wing it” meal and throw some tomato paste in the mix. Shelf life? Approximately 18-24months. I always recommend tubed paste as apposed to canned. This allows for better distribution control and longer shelf life.

Kalamata Olives, Artichoke Hearts, Sun-dried tomatoes

These jarred and oil preserved foods are essential in my plant-based kitchen. They can be easily thrown into sauces, salads, pizza toppings and so much more. Get creative with these guys! Kalamata Olives have the longest shelf life of the three, lasting between 1year-18months if refrigerated after opening. Sun-dried Tomatoes last 6months refrigerated after opening. Artichoke Hearts last 2-4weeks refrigerated after opening.

Banza Pasta

This item right here is probably the most important on my list of non-perishable foods. You should always have pasta in the house, but this isn’t just ordinary pasta, it’s actually good for you! I know when it comes to Chickpea Pasta the texture can turn some people away. Well guess what, I have a secret. All you have to do to prevent that tacky texture that comes with chickpea pasta is add a splash of oil and salt during the cooking process and DON’T overcook. Your pasta will feel just like the real deal. Stock up and be sure to have a couple boxes on deck. Another perk about this pasta? Each serving delivers 25g of protein, 13g of fiber, and 41g net carbs as apposed to the 71g net carbs from traditional pasta.

Banza Pasta has recently come out with a Vegan Mac&Cheese as well. Out of all the vegan macs, this ones my favorite. Mainly because the ingredients are straight forward and don’t tie my stomach in a knot like the Daiya brand (bang bang, shots fired).

Amy’s Chili

Im not really in to canned vegan food, but I can’t lie, I totally dig this chili. Amy’s Chili is jam packed with organic ingredients while holding onto that traditional texture. I do add some extra seasoning to enhance the flavor, but this is a total non-perishable must. My favorite way to enjoy this chili is turning it into a nacho dish. Prepare the chili and throw it over your favorite tortilla chips with some vegan cheese and plain cashew yogurt (I often use cashew yogurt as a sour cream substitute).


Oatmeal is the ultimate nonperishable breakfast to keep in-stock, why? You can dress it up with even more non-perishables! Such as agave, nuts, peanut-butter, seeds, cinnamon, brown sugar. Not only that, but oatmeal is a heart healthy, satisfying way to get your day started.

Nomadik Healths vegan non-perishable foods recipes

Penne Alla Vodka

This Vegan “Penne Alla Vodka” recipe has wood anyone that’s tried it. Quarantined or not, I always make sure I have these ingredients in the kitchen as my “when in doubt” dinner. The first four vegan non-perishable foods i’ve listed are the key ingredients in this recipe. That being; canned coconut milk, tomato paste, banza pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, and seasonings. The only non-perishable item in this recipe is onions…which last 6weeks anyway! For that, I consider this a reliable non-perishable based meal (leftovers needing refrigeration). I often throw spinach in the mix, but that’s optional.

This recipe is also the perfect two burner stovetop camper meal! I just made this recipe for dinner on our most recent desert trip. My housemates and I sent it down south to Goblin Valley in Utah to escape the quarantined feels for a few days. We gathered around a bonfire in our secluded campsite, sipped some hot totties, chowed down on delicious grub, and shared some solid laughs. A much needed hiatus in the midsts of the chaos.

My housemates and I escaping the quarantine-blues in our secluded campsite

Non-Perishable Pesto Sauce

Pesto has always been a favorite of mine. This Vegan Pesto is super easy to make and can go days without refrigeration (a go-to for backpacking and camping trips…or in this case, quarantining). The ingredients consist of nutritional yeast, salt, garlic, pine nuts, cashews, basil, spinach, and olive oil. Thats it. Store in a mason jar and throw it over pasta, use as a spread, or add some vegan mayo and turn it into an aioli topping for tacos, bowls, salads, burritos, sandwiches, etc. A little goes a long way with this recipe and the taste will leave you thinking “how is this vegan?..”

Garlic and Oil

When in doubt, garlic and oil it out baby! Pasta with Garlic and Oil is my lazy-girl go-to dinner that leaves both my tastebuds and tummy satisfied. This is why you need to keep those Banza Pastas on deck! This meal is super easy, light, and full of protein and fiber. Heat up olive or avocado oil in a pan, brown some crushed garlic, season with salt, pepper, and oregano. Add in your prepared pasta with kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, and if you can get your hands on some cherry tomatoes and spinach then throw that in there too. Mix it up and serve it topped with nutritional yeast and adjust seasonings to your liking.

Protein Oatmeal

Quarantined or not, oatmeal is never a bad idea. I dress my Protein Oatmeal up so nice, it makes the whole house smell incredible. This oatmeal recipe is filling, protein rich, and easy as heck to make. Typically, I use banana as a base sweetener but you can totally swap the fruit out with some brown sugar or extra agave (careful not to go overboard on the sugar).

Do Your Part

I feel the need to mention that, this pandemic is very real. In order for us to kick this COVID-19 in the ass ASAP, we all need to work together. Work together by practicing social distancing, limiting time in the supermarket, and washing your damn hands. It’s true when they say this illness doesn’t discriminate. Don’t wait for a loved one to get sick to start taking this seriously.

This is a time to find yourself again. We get so caught up in the everyday hustle of life…sometimes we forget that relaxation and down time is crucial in maintaining our best self. I recently read somewhere, “I feel like the world is sending us to our room for a timeout”. Ain’t that the truth. Take care, stay safe, and we’ll get through this.

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